What Can You Give Me: Poem

Feb 27, 2022
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

What can you give me

Except for false words that dance between your lips.

A waltz to the sound of my breaking heart

And chorus on the tears that fell.

I would rather have an explanation

Worth a thousand ball gowns,

Embroidered in gold floss.

Or an understanding

Clearer than freshly cleaned windowpanes.

That surrounds the withered gardens of my inner castle.

What can you give me

If not a bouquet of flowers

Drenched in black and as crisp as autumn leaves

Dried on the walkway around my towering fences.

Delicately move away from me,

Ever so subtly so that your footprints do not stain my cashmere carpets.

I don’t need your backwards aid,

Nor a breathing kiss,

Nor a defibrated touch to the heart.

Just leave me be,

And stay away from my inner castle,

because you cannot give me anything.




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